• Ciara

Q&A: The Weese’s

We answered questions that are both spiritual and fun in context! We hope you enjoy reading our responses and that you learn a little more about Jeremy and I.

Question #1: What is one thing that you are learning right now in your walk with Christ?

Jeremy: Faith. We can get into the mindset of trying to figure it all out on our own and “making it happen” but God is teaching me to simply believe. Believe that He is provider. Believe that He is capable of handling my problems and my failures and my messes. I don’t have to figure it out. I just need to go to Him more. I need more faith in Him. More relationship with Him. I know I have neglected that to an extent and God, in His loving kindness, is teaching me how to walk by faith.

Ciara: Honestly to let go and let God move. Sometimes I can look at life as a giant chess board where I am trying to move the pieces in order to achieve the results I desire and I simply need to let God lead. When something isn’t happening in the time frame I want to see it happen, I can lose patience and try to rush the process. However, I’m learning that the moment I stick my hand in the situation and enforce my will, everything blows up and I’m left thinking “wow, this is why I need to let God do what He needs to do because this is a giant mess.” But God is so gracious that even when I do mess everything up, He steps in and restores it, teaches me, and leads me forward so that I can do better next time.

Question #2: What would your last meal be?

Jeremy: Breakfast! The full spread! Bacon, eggs, biscuits, pancakes, grits, hash browns, some orange juice and milk. Literally a little bit of everything! Aside from the obvious hopes and dreams we all have in life, I could eat all of that and die a happy man.

Ciara: First off, grits are disgusting unless you pour a bunch of sugar on it. Blah! As for my last meal, I feel it would need to have a little bit of everything. Thai yellow chicken curry, crab rangoon, Texas Roadhouse rolls, fettuccine alfredo, Mellow Mushroom Mighty Meaty pizza, and a big ol thing of Mountain Dew. If you’re shaking your head thinking I couldn’t eat all that, you’re underestimating the power of my stomach.

Question #3: What is the most difficult thing you have walked through and how did the Lord bring you through it?

Jeremy: The most difficult thing I have ever walked through is when my wife and I separated for about a year. I was uncertain if we were ever going to reconcile. I lived in Georgia while she lived in New York. This was prior to us having a child together. Every single day I prayed for God to reconcile us and heal our marriage. Ultimately I knew that God was doing something in my heat during the time He was doing something in my wife’s heart. Something that was beyond whether or not I got my wife back. He was teaching me who I was in Him.

Ciara: Besides childbirth? All jokes aside, the hardest thing I ever walked through was the entire process of leaving my ex and choosing Christ. Not choosing to be “straight”, not choosing “marriage”, but choosing Jesus. It was extremely difficult to crucify my flesh to the cross and leaving it there so that I could resurrect in Him. The emotional pain left me in physical pain and I’m thankful that I had a loving Savior and an incredible husband to walk me through it. Not many people know the extreme agony I walked through during that season. The sacrifices I had to make in order to seek Him and find myself in Christ. I spent months in a room, all day with Jesus, and praying constantly. I would leave only to connect with friends and family. It was the most intense season of my life but what I received in return was fellowship with the Father that brought forth a powerful process of restoration. I still face temptations but it is nothing in comparison to when I first left the LGBT community and for that I will forever praise Him.

Question #4: What is your dream vacation?

Jeremy: My dream vacation is a summer long RV road trip seeing all of the US. With the exception of Hawaii.

Ciara: My dream is his dream! That would be incredible, but I say we cap it off with a airplane ride to Hawaii and chill there for a week. Wouldn’t that be something?

Question #5: What is your favorite Bible verse?

Jeremy: This changes from season to season. But one that has always been my main verse is Romans 8:15.

Ciara: Of course I have many favorites but it seems that Habakkuk 2:3 has been my life verse. It always pops up in every season of my life from the time I was a child.

Question #6: What is your go to Starbucks beverage?

Jeremy: Hot or iced chai tea depending on the time of year.

Ciara: Chai tea... so gross. Iced caramel coffee all the way!!! Add an extra pump of caramel with cream and sugar. Perfection. Simple, yet divine.

Question #7: What is one piece of advice you would give someone who is about to get married?

Jeremy: Love with everything you have. Be selfless at all times. Esteem your significant other higher than yourself. At the end of the day always find your identity in Christ first, your family second. That is often the hardest part.

Ciara: Understand that you’re not perfect and you don’t always know best, so don’t expect that of your spouse. Marriage is a team effort and although it may not always be sunshine and daisies, I’ve learned that the greatest growth is when you go through the storms and come out on the other side together. Your spouse is the greatest gift of your life aside from salvation. Steward your relationship well and cherish your spouse in any and all circumstances. Always put God first!

Question #8: What is the greatest thing God has ever done for you?

Jeremy: He has blessed me with my beautiful wife, Ciara, and my amazing son, Asher. I know that sounds cliche but even at 27 years old I can honestly say that is the most incredible gift He’s given me. I have no greater calling or honor than to steward them into deeper relationship with Him.

Ciara: Allow me to have an intimate relationship with Him. It’s out of that relationship with God that has lead me to my husband, Jeremy. Without His leading, I wouldn’t have Jeremy or Asher and that’s a very hard reality to imagine. God has constantly lead me through the fire and has truly worked all things together for my good. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!