• Ciara

Nothing is Wasted: Podcast Interview

In December of 2019, I had the privilege and honor of being interviewed by one of my faith heroes, Davey Blackburn. If you are unfamiliar with that name, I highly encourage you to go and visit his website Nothing is Wasted. His name might sound familiar to you because in 2015, Davey made national headlines when he walked into his home to find his wife and unborn child in critical condition after a home burglary. Unfortunately 24 hours later, Davey Blackburn's wife Amanda was declared dead along with his unborn baby girl.

It was the story of Davey's faith as he walked out this tragedy coupled with Amanda's love for the Lord that he often wrote about in his blog, that God used as a witness in my life. The witness of Davey and Amanda's faith helped me stay strong through my journey of breaking free from same sex attraction. I emailed Davey my story and soon after was asked if I could be interviewed for his Nothing is Wasted Podcast. My podcast interview debuted in March of 2020 and I hope you select the image below, listen, and be amazed at the beauty and power of God!