Daily Devotion: Hold the Door!

“For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of wickedness.” Psalm 84:10

Would I rather be of the lowest station in the Lord’s court so I could get the chance to see a glimpse of His presence? Or would I rather be of the highest honor and dwell in the tents of the godless? I know the song by Matt Redman, I’m sure you do as well! It’s easy to sing the words “better is one day”, but do we believe in the words we sing?

As a Christian, it is not an insane motion to believe that life can get crazy, intense, hard, and downright painful. We often take on trials, test, and temptations that can leave us clinging to Christ for strength and hoping for joy to come in the morning. Being a door keeper and holding a door can be a difficult task. Yes, not for a few minutes, but for an entire day? Opening, closing, opening, closing, waiting, waiting, opening, closing, tempted to sit down, legs are tired, opening, closing, repeat.

When it’s put that way, the task of being a door holder for His courts can seem less appealing than resting, relaxing, and socializing in the tents that are for the highly esteemed amongst the wicked. What does that look like for us? Here are a few examples:

Door holder: Continue working on your marriage even though it can be exhausting.

Tent: Start pulling away and giving your attention to the coworker who is seeking your affection.

Door holder: Staying behind and choosing a different alternative other than the party where you know nothing good is going down.

Tent: Going to the party and going all in.

Door holder: Withstanding the temptation to gossip and slander an individual with your friends. Walking away from the situation if need be.

Tent: Gossip and ridicule the individual.

Being a door holder can be hard. It requires us to continually choose Christ in a world where it’s getting more difficult to do so. It’s deciding in your mind that you would rather live for Him and choose the road less traveled in order to get a chance to see and experience Jesus. We all have a choice to make daily: be a door holder or rest in the tents. Throughout my life, I have learned that God’s doorstep is better than any couch, flat screen tv, or snacks the enemy can offer.

Where Jesus is, that’s where I want to be. In this case, if Jesus is in the courts, than that’s exactly where I want to be in whatever capacity, even if it’s holding a door. When life throws a curveball, I want to swing at it from the threshold of His house than in the tents of hopelessness and despair. So what will it be? Are you going to hold the door or are you prepared to put a few stakes in the ground?

The choice will always be yours to make!