Daily Devotion: Guilt Trip

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23

Guilt is a nasty thing. It tries to consume every part of you until condemnation becomes your best friend. I have learned that as much as I hate when others attempt to put me on a guilt trip, I am often the one signing up to take that all inclusive journey. Even when I went to God and asked forgiveness on particular actions, I still found myself not being able to let go of the guilt associated with it.

Instead of seeing those instances as part of a plan that God was working together for my good, I saw it as failures on my part. The thoughts of guilt would consume my mind and would ruin my entire day. The guilt of past actions and events would dictate how I viewed myself. I would look in the mirror and be disgusted with what I saw instead of understanding that I was a daughter of Christ who was forgiven. I didn’t have to be consumed with all the negative thoughts because His love for me is so great that it drove Him to the cross to die for me so that my sin could be eradicated.

You might be facing guilt about past or current actions. Maybe you spoke words to your spouse, son, or daughter that you wish you could take back. Maybe you have cheated on your spouse and you both are trying to move forward in Christ but you can’t let go of what you did. Maybe you treated someone horribly and it nags at you daily. Whatever the case maybe, you don’t have to be consumed with the lies of the enemy telling you that you’re worthless because of your mistakes.

You have to remember that the moment you asked Jesus into your heart, you transferred out of the Kingdom of darkness and you’re now a citizen of the Kingdom of light. You are not defined by your mistakes. Society wants to condemn and write you off the moment you mess up, but let go of the world and let God do a work in you. God wants to see you free from your guilt and shame. He hasn’t called you to sit in the filth of your past mistakes. Jesus wants you to walk boldly and live in His truth! His truth is what set you and I free! It doesn’t matter what the sin is, YOU ARE FREE!

Free from guilt.

Free from shame.

Free from condemnation.

Even if the world doesn’t want to let it go, God has. He’s tossed it into the sea of forgetfulness and is waiting on you to take His hand and walk in His faithfulness daily. The enemy wants nothing more than to keep you where you are. He doesn’t want you to advance. He doesn’t want you to grow. He wants to clip your wings so you can no longer fly but God wants to elevate you to the next level. God wants you to go to places and spaces that you can’t even dream of in order to speak into the lives of those around you.

Someone needs to hear your story, regardless of what it is. You need to let go of the guilt so that you can offer someone the grace that God extended to you. Great is the faithfulness of God! His compassion is new every morning and it should birth an astounding joy within your spirit! God has a plan for you and I! Let go and take hold of everything He has for you! It’s time to get out of the car and walk away from your guilt trip. You have better places you need to be!